I thought i had you. After all you did have me. And I ain`t no easy girl. I guess what really broke me was your words. That is all you ever gave me. Empty words. I told you how i don`t belive in words. How i can not trust letters that are put in an order to tell how i feel. But look at me now, writing a letter to you, which you will probably never see. You spoke so highly about them and how communication is important but yet you never spoke to me about wanting to have something with my friend. I thought it would be fun to experience summer-time romance. You know nothing more. God i didn`t actually see anything after summer at all. You will go to college soon. Congrats you made it. I wasn`t falling for you. I guess i just; fell. I do a lot of guessing. I don`t really know shit. You drove me to a lake one night. And we just sat there. Laughing. It felt as time stopped. And god finally after a long time, i felt happy. I was the luckiest person in the world. And all we did was sat there and laugh. Thank you, Truly. I finally saw myself in 10 years, alive. Life didn`t seem so bad. When i was around you my anxiety wasn`t able to do shit. I felt safe. I still remember the first time we went out i asked you what would you be sorry you didn`t do if you died in 10 seconds. I remember the expresion on your face. You really didn`t expect that. It was a simple question. You just thought too much about it. You hear a lot but you don`t really listen. I guess when you decide not to be so narcissistic you should read "Tonight i can write the saddest lines" by Pablo Neruda. I really do think you would like that poem. Good luck with her. The new girl. I hope you two make it, if we didn`t have that chance. Don`t forget to give her the world.

yours forever till this heart stops beating your name