Say no to people. If you feel absolutely broken and someone wants you to be there for them, you have the right to heal yourself first. There is no shame in putting your own mental health first. And you are not a bad friend for refusing to build someone up, when you need to pick up your own pieces.
Be honest with yourself and others. Communication is key. By being honest to others, saying what is bothering you and discussing problems, you will feel a hundred per cent better due to the fact that you can express every emotion and do not need to bury them deep inside, which will create needless suffering. Communication is the greatest tool to set yourself free. You have a voice, please use it wisely.
Walk away from things and people that make you feel bad. Again, there is no shame in putting yourself first. Someone might be a nice person but if they make you feel bad about yourself, question your worth or if they do not appreciate you, then you need to stand up for yourself and leave. You deserve so much better than someone who takes you for granted, makes you feel small and feels the need to talk you down. “You should be with someone who makes you feel more you, not less you.” (Danielle Mansutti)

Do what makes your heart happy. Do not listen to other people’s opinions about your passion. If it fulfills you, do it. Do it as much as you can and as much as you want. You are allowed to express yourself freely and no one should ever have a say in that. You only have this life, my love, so make sure you spend it as the person you truly are.