make your bed. (no, really.)
set your top 3 to-dos for the day.
do your top 3 to-dos for the day. (heh)
unpack your bag when you get home.
prepare your things for the next day before sleeping.
skincare. (your basic cleanse and moisturize)
sweep the floor of your bedroom.
talk to your plants. (if you have plants)
update your financial report/expense tracker.
take a good photo.
hug at least three people. (seriously.)


polish your school shoes.
mop your bedroom floor.
dare i say, laundry. (don’t put it off!)
take a leisure walk.
review your past week and plan your next week accordingly. (a part of your routine may not be working–try something new)
make a piece of art. (a sketch, a collage, a quote in pretty lettering, a god-awful poem..)
sanitize your gadgets. (whip out the wet tissue and wipe away at your phone, your laptop, your mouse, your earphones–just don’t forget to IMMEDIATELY follow that up with a dry cloth to prevent fogging and short circuits)
watch a TED Talk.
make a new playlist.


wash your bag.
wash your shoes.
change the sheets of your bed and your pillows.
clip your nails. (honestly)
wax/shave. (if you want. i just really like how fresh my skin feels after i torture it with razors and wax strips)
wipe your shelves/the tops of your furniture clean. (try to avoid dusting. it just scatters the dirt everywhere. use a damp cloth instead)
see if there’s anything in your storage that you don’t need/want anymore and give stuff away or sell them.
review your month and plan the next one accordingly. (just like your weeks. remember to refer to your Life Goal/Year’s Goals page)
finish reading at least one book. (and review it!)
discover new songs.
- 🍂