I'm going into my senior year of high school (Which is crazy) and I think I'm qualified to give some good advice now. So here's this.
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High school is still just school. Don't stress.
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If you're late don't run to class, you're still gonna be late.
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Make friends with people that actually want to hang out if that's what you want to do.
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go out for lunch sometimes.
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Find teachers to vibe with.
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You're friends in grade 9 probably aren't going to be your friends in grade 12.
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Don't drool over the upperclassmen, 90% of them wont care.
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Watch sports games.
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Don't go to school on the first day doing the most, you'll look stupid.
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Eat breakfast in the morning. (I'm going into my senior year and i've only eaten breakfast like 3 times before I left for school)
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High school is not like the movies.
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If you're overly stress just let yourself cry.
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Make group chats for classes so you can help each other with work.
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Take P.E. classes, they're fun and an easy credit.
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Make friends with people in every grade. There are people like you in every grade you just have to branch out.
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Don't listen to hype music while studying, you won't get anything done.
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Join clubs and stuff.

Songs for your study playlist.

CPR- Summer Walker
Build- Justine Skye
Time in a tree- Raleigh Ritchie
Vent- Joel
You were good to me- Jeremy Zucker and Chelsea Cutler
Just Friends- Olivia O'brien
Moon River- Frank Ocean
Oh, mexico- Jeremy Zucker
Only the poets- Marc E. Bassy
Stan- 6lack
Orange- Tobi Lou
Honestly- Pink Sweat$

I know this is kind of long but I think it's good advice and I hope it helps some people.
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