That night I might have found a way back.
A way back to myself and it was all thanks to you.

The way you held me tight in your arms.
The way you looked at me as if I was the only thing you saw.
The way you kissed me like you needed me like air to breath.

That night we found our way back to each other.
The way we lost after I said I was scared.

Scared to love you.
Scared to open up.
Scared to be enough for once.

That night we lost track of time.
Time that we never had.

Time that was lost in our own selfishness.
Time that was lost in our goodbyes.
Time that we did not know how to start properly.

That night was special for me.
It was a night I can never forget.

A night where we kissed like our lives depended on it.
A night where we found our long lost love.
A night where words were not needed.

It was a night I will always keep in mind when I start talking to someone else.
Because in the morning it went back to me being just a girl you used to talk to.

Hi guys! I know I promised a travel list article/blog but this came up and I felt like writing it. I will make a next travel list about europe, africa and asia. But for now I hope you guys liked this.