Day 26

What is your character's favourite food and drink? Does she enjoy cooking at home or does she prefer to eat outside?

Meg is vegetarian and doesnโ€™t eat any milk-products. Her absolute favourite food is any kind of noodle-dishes and she really likes to drink water or green tea.

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Meg loves cooking at home because she knows where all the ingredients come from and she is surprisingly pretty good at certain dishes. But on some days, she just enjoys going out to a hip restaurant with her friends or even just on her own.

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Day 27

Where was your character's best vacations?

During their spring-break Tony travelled with his friends to the Caribbean-island Providenciales and he took Meg with him. Meg has never been at the Caribbean before and immediately fell in love with the island.

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She loved the long walks with Tom on the beach, doing scuba diving with the boys or watching the humpback whales. It was hard for her to leave this beautiful place where she made so many unforgettable memories.

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But what Meg doesnโ€™t know โ€“ a few weeks after her graduation Tom will take her to this island again.

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This is all for day twenty six and twenty seven. Thank you so much for reading my article and I really hope you liked it. See you on Sunday.

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