1. Carmelita (Adz Brand)

rain, umbrella, and grunge image art, couple, and painting image flowers and land image bird, vintage, and indie image

2. Step Up the Morphine (DMA'S)

art, artsy, and balcony image beach, vintage, and light image rain, black and white, and photography image Image removed

3. Unwind (Tim Atlas)

girl, water, and pink image hands, glitter, and sky image ocean, summer, and sunset image sunset, travel, and vintage image

4. The Handshake (MGMT)

house, blue, and home image drink, aesthetic, and shadow image car, travel, and road image moon, photography, and sky image

5. Blinding My Vision (K. Roosevelt)

airplane, sky, and photography image Image by αทαťҽɾɾα☼☽☆゚ tree, boy, and sun image eye, theme, and eyes image

6. Salt & Pepper (DOPE LEMON)

red, aesthetic, and glow image moon, space, and dark image drink, party, and alcohol image Temporarily removed

7. Show No Shade (Sticky Fingers)

fashion style outfit, perfect perfection, and gorgeous flawless image bird, black and white, and dark image Temporarily removed converse, aesthetic, and grunge image

8. Flume (Bon Iver)

Temporarily removed girl, aesthetic, and sun image car, vintage, and aesthetic image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

9. If Only You Could Ease My Mind (Art of Sleeping)

girl, flowers, and nature image light, aesthetic, and crystal image nature, grunge, and theme image eye image

10. Ulysses and the Sea (Papooz)

windows image 35mm, back, and beach image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

11. Je te laisserai des mots (Patrick Watson)

book, reading, and black and white image bird, photography, and black and white image black and white, black, and cafe image Image by tenderlygirl

12. Une belle histoire (Michel Fugain & Le Big Bazar)

butterfly, art, and vintage image flowers, house, and vintage image love, photography, and couple image nature, sun, and light image

13. Emmenez Moi (Charles Aznavour)

sea, boat, and ocean image sea, water, and ocean image india image 669, analog, and analogue image

14. La bohème (Charles Aznavour)

Temporarily removed piano, black and white, and bw image black and white, couple, and vintage image love, couple, and black and white image

15. Louis Drax (Patrick Watson)

city, travel, and vintage image clouds, nature, and sky image bird and sky image fireworks, night, and sky image

16. 33 ''GOD'' (Bon Iver)

tea, coffee, and vintage image couple image autumn, fall, and city image piano, music, and aesthetic image

17. Fever (Balthazar)

Inspiring Image on We Heart It sky, blue, and clouds image car, beige, and aesthetic image money, honey, and dollar image

18. Decency (Balthazar)

alternative, art, and dark image goth, light, and victorian image vintage and music image dance, music, and salsa image

19. Hier encore (Charles Aznavour)

dance and couple image paris, art, and picasso image girl, mirror, and vintage image dark, aesthetic, and clock image

20. The Storm (Patrick Watson)

rain, tea, and clouds image black and white image cat, dali, and art image Image by RAVEN CYCLE