For a long time, my hands were something I use to dislike

I don't have those "pretty" thin fingers, rather than that, I have fat short ones. And it's the same for my nails. My lunula, the white half moon at the root of your nails, is not even apparent besides on my thumbs, which is making my nails look even shorter.

But I learned to take care of them, and now I can say that I really like how my nails are looking like

Daily Tips

Nails are like hair, which is why the beauty pills for hair are the same for nails as well.
They are made of Keratine and if they are not taken care of, they ends up breaking or splitting

Many people does it, but avoid cutting your cuticles. It actually prevent the nail from getting infections, and when cut, the protection is gone.

While washing the dishes or doing anything that involve chemical products, always wear gloves

When buying hand creams, make sure it's for nails as well. When applying it, massage it gently on your cuticles as well

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Before Shower

Before I shower, I usually take the time to take off the nail polish I was wearing for the week. I use Nail Polish Remover Multivitamin with Grape Seed Oil from Flormar. It's a pretty gentle remover, it doen't dry my nails so I like it.
Then I either trim my nails or I cut them short if they are too long. I also push the cuticules away, without cutting them.

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My go-to nail shape when thei are short is the Short Oval and when they are longer the oval. It's the shape that, for me, suits my fingers
Since I always wear a Nail Polish, I take the time to cut them short to let them breath a bit until they grow up enough to do them.
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During shower

During the shower, while conditionner is resting on hair, I take off all the dead skin, or whatever it's called, that is on the nail and makes it look smooth, but I try to do it as gently as possible because the nail is fragile after a long contact with hot water

After Shower

After shower, I apply my Night Skin Routine, because I alwyas shower in the afternoon or at night time, then my hair and body skin cream, which I will talk about on a Body Routine.

All that to say that I let my nails have the time to "heal" from the hot water, the my Nail Care Routine start

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I always apply The Nourishing Oil With Vitamin E from Flormar that I massage on my nails and cuticles.

If it's the No Nail Polish week, I don't apply anything on top of it, and everynight I apply the oil and massage it before I sleep

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In case I want to use Nail Polish, the color and the kind depends on my mood, but I follow the steps bellow :

  • always apply the Calcium Gel from Flormar, which is a Nourishing top coat. If your Nail is well nourished and taken care of, it won't break and using a "no more break" nail product is a bit heavy.
  • Follow up with the color you want. In my case I use those from Flormar which is a brand I like. Not too expansive and very good products.
  • Then I finish with a quick dry product top coat from Yves Rocher

Those steps makes my nail polish last for a whole week, looking fresh and new

During The Week

I obviously don't use my nails to open things, and you should not as well, It can break them, which is not what we want.

I keep applying my hand cream on my cuticles and nails as well, even with Nail polish on top of it.

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Don't forget that each Nail, each Body is different. Find the shape, the products and the routine that suits you.
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Thank you for reading this article, hopefully it will help you with your nails fight ! See you around, guys !

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Since english is my 3rd langage, I am not very good at it and it made me frustrated because I couldn't really express myself in this article. But I still hope you liked it. Thank you