At the beginning, a "mysterious force of nature" created a new specimen. The human being. Appeared then, he had a profound gratitude for the one who gave him the precious gift of life, the Earth. He promised her he would love and protect her as long as he was alive. After he opened his eyes for the first time, he discovered the Sky. Captivated, he never stopped gazing at it, observing it and trying to understand it. The human being also fell in love with it, fascinated by this abstract notion of infinity and mesmerized by the thousand colors painted every day and night by the one he was watching. Gentle love story between the gigantic and the minuscule..
Every day was a romantic date.
Every day was a new spectacle.
Each day was a new palette of shades.
Each day was a work of art.

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Yet, in the course of the years, the human being grew and progressively forgot his lovers. Too busy because of his work and activities, he was more and more forgetting everyday to take care of them. He discovered that the Earth contained substantial resources and exploited them, until exhaustion. Using them, the human being was inevitably producing harmful rubbish for the planet and its atmosphere, but he gave it back to Mother Nature anyway because it initially came from her, right..?

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From now on, the Earth tries to fix the damage but the human being, instead of helping his planet, give her more work by consuming, producing and emitting more strenuously toxic products in the air. The thing is the human being does not know or does not want to know that his actions harm essential beings he used to cherish.
The human being keeps thumping the Earth, and she cannot bear it anymore. She has to fight with ardor, in order to try to regulate the climate, to recycle by herself non-recyclable products, to save endangered animal species...

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What is the human being waiting for?
What is he doing to find a solution to this disaster?
Has he forgotten his attachement to the Nature at the beginning?
Is he conscious of how precious are the things around him that are keeping him alive?
Or rather, are we conscious of how precious are the things around us that are keeping us alive..?


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Do the right thing. Protect our planet.

This is a repost of an old article that I wrote for the Earth Overshoot Day. In the current context, I have thought it was important to post it again so that people would be more aware of the consequences of their actions on the climate.

It is time to act. We should have started this earlier, and tomorrow will be way too late. Save our future. Save the Earth.