Hello Beautiful People 💖

I have risen! And what better way to return to the world with this new Lookbook article, I hope you are enjoying your vacation and reaping new and beautiful memories!
gif, ocean, and pastel image

☀Look one

fashion, outfit, and style image angel, angels, and blue image fashion, girly, and summer image fashion, chic, and accessories image

☀Look two

fashion image
hair, fashion, and girl image bag and fashion image fashion, sunglasses, and accessories image shoes, sneakers, and Balenciaga image

☀Look three

fashion, green, and dress image black, style, and aesthetic image jewelry, accessories, and fashion image shoes, fashion, and heels image

☀Look four

chic, clothes, and look image
fashion, hair, and girl image bag and Prada image

☀Look five

accessories, clothes, and denim image fashion, heels, and shoes image

☀Look six

fashion, black, and dress image Image by 1995⏳ hair, blonde, and beauty image bracelet, fashion, and girly image

☀Look seven

dress, fashion, and flowers image grunge, rose, and aesthetic image girl, hair, and book image sunglasses, fashion, and accessories image


chic, fashion, and summer image chic, classy, and elegance image Abusive image fashion, style, and summer image