Hi cuties,

You all know that self care is not only putting products on our beautiful faces, self care also starts with cleaning our inner self, our emotions and also with changing our toxic mentality. I hope this article will help you find your inner peace and happiness because never forget that self care is the start of confidence and being comfortable in your own skin.


- Don't forget to drink 3-6 glasses of water each and EVERY day. Super important for your skin (reduces acne) and also metabolism.
- Try to be organized, you can use a daily agenda for this. (organize your day, your appointments, your work)
- Meditation can be really helpful if you had a stressful day!
- Don't ever restrict yourself with this list! You can add your own ideas and if you don't want to do something that is written on here just don't do it sweetheart, do whatever you like <3


- Always try to wake up with a smile on your face whether it's a good or a bad day, be grateful that you are alive and breathing.
- Do your morning routine, always brush your teeth!
- Try to eat a healthy but also energizing breakfast ( it can be something containing eggs and cheese) because it is the most important meal of the day!
- Try to workout for at least 30 minutes if you have time (It can be running or walking too)
- Put on your best clothes that you really like to wear and that you are comfortable with each and every day, don't ever restrict yourself because of your mood or the weather. You will also feel happier when you look good.
- If you are going somewhere like school or work always check your purse or bag again before leaving the house, you might miss something out!

- Don't miss out any meal because of your work or school stuff, your health is more important than anything.
- There are good days and bad days for any people, don't forget that we are all human and we can make mistakes too. So don't overthink something bad that has happened during the day instead of that try to concentrate whatever you are doing at that moment.
- After school or work, if the weather is good go for a walk, meet up with your friends, loved ones. Have fun for a couple of hours, you deserve it!
- When you get home, get cozy. Wear your favorite pajamas, take a shower, prepare yourself a delicious snack. Pamper YOURSELF!
- If you have a hobby (reading, baking, writing) do that for a while, have fun being with yourself.

- Before sleeping do your night routine and take a shower if you haven't, taking a shower before getting into the bed will also help you sleep much faster and calmer.
- Think about your mistakes and also good things that you have done that day, always try to learn something new from them but don't go harsh on yourself too!
- Starting a journal will help you create a new mindset, so if you like writing you can try that too!
- Listening music is also a meditation for soul, listen your favorite tracks and also try finding new music that you enjoy.
- Always create an atmosphere that you are comfortable with before sleeping. It affects your quality of sleeping so if you want to be energized the next day, try to have sleep at least 7 hours in a room and place that you can really be relaxed with!

* That's the end loves, hope you enjoyed it!!*
xoxo Beste