city, aesthetic, and paris image breakfast, food, and waffles image
โ”€ what's your name? wiktoria
Temporarily removed beach, aesthetic, and sky image
โ”€ what's your zodiac sign? aquarius
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โ”€ when is your birthday? 26.01
couple, music, and boy image beauty, clothes, and fashion image
โ”€ what kind of music do you listen to? everything except songs I don't like
white, fashion, and jewelry image drink, food, and cake image
โ”€ do you like vanilla or chocolate more? chocolate
Image removed call me by your name image
โ”€ what's your favorite movie? call me by your name & breakfast at tiffany's
cute, baby, and child image hair, girl, and blonde image
โ”€ did you like your childhood? yes
couple, love, and goals image couple, love, and kiss image
โ”€ do you like hugs or kisses more? both I'm an attention whore and I love to feel wanted and loved and cute
Image by Maxien Image removed
โ”€ have you ever been in a relationship? nope;((
vintage, car, and diner image pizza, food, and aesthetic image
โ”€ what's your favorite food? anything italian lol
food, aesthetic, and macaron image hair and girl image
โ”€ what kind of hairstyle is your favorite on yourself? waves with volume
makeup, beauty, and bathroom image makeup, beauty, and glitter image
โ”€ do you have a skin care routine? I should but I don't really have one
Image removed bts, jin, and jimin image Image by Happy Pride ๐Ÿณ๏ธโ€๐ŸŒˆ arianagrande image
โ”€ what's one song that makes you happy? everything by bts, troye sivan, blackpink and ariana
flowers, rose, and pink image fashion and summer image
โ”€ what's your favorite flower? pink roses
girl, art, and aesthetic image Abusive image
โ”€ do you want tattoos? yes but I'm very very sensitive and it would prob hurt like a buttcheek on a stick