Have you ever heard that phrase "Be such a beautiful soul that people crave your vibes"? Well, we're 99% sure whoever the author of that quote is was thinking about Helen Janneson Bense when they wrote it.

Helen, otherwise known as "Gypsylovinlight" is a fashion, travel and lifestyle blogger who's message is to "inspire love and freedom for creative expression" and she does just that.

Ever wanted to life your life a little more authentically? Be unapologetically yourself? Live every day with a positive mindset? Well, you're in luck. Keep reading for Helens advice on how to achieve each of the above.

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Please introduce yourself to our users!

Hey guys, I’m Helen from GypsyLovinLight. I created my blog to provide a space to express myself and share inspiration. My hope is to inspire others to follow their heart and live their dreams. It’s evolved over the years into a travel and lifestyle blog and is ever changing as I grow and learn.

Your message “to inspire love and freedom for creative expression” is so powerful. Can you tell us a little bit more about what this means to you and why it’s so important?

For me it means being unapologetically myself, creating and expressing my truest self with complete freedom of judgement. There is no greater joy in life when we can let go of what others think, and truly be ourselves. We inspire others, and give them permission to do the same. This way of being has brought me to a path of self-love and acceptance. It’s helped me peel away the layers and masks that have held me back from being totally free and full of joy for life.
Motherhood was the catalyst for my personal growth. I wanted to do more than just tell my kids to be happy. I knew that if I could discover the keys for happiness, it would not only benefit me, but it would teach my children in the most profound way, by doing rather than telling. I also hoped it would reach a further audience and inspire others to discover joy and freedom to be and love who they are as well.

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Your online presence sends such a positive message to followers. Tips for staying positive?

I meditate daily and spend quiet time in nature to connect and listen to my inner musings. This helps me stay clear on my path.
From this space I can listen to my inner voice, and find the courage to share who I am. I try not to go down the path of comparison as it will steal my joy and leave me feeling empty. Instead I remember how unique and wonderful we all are, and that we all bring our own magical gifts to this world.
I’ve found many daily practices that have helped me. The work of Byron Katie is something I use every day to help me find peace with my thoughts and rewrite the stories that my mind creates. It regularly helps me to relieve anxieties that arise.
I always try to remember that another persons opinion and view of me is not who I am. Only you can know who you are. You are the storyteller and painter of your life. Create the one you want and never let anyone else limit you with their beliefs.

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We ALL have bad days. What do you do when you’re just having one of those days? How do you get yourself out of that funk and back to your happy place?

I’ve been practicing this for a long time now. For a large part of my life I would always wake up in a funk, and sometimes I still do. It surprises many people to know I’ve experienced a great deal of trauma in my life. I’ve had to work hard to heal the scars and retrain my brain. Something I continue every single day.
Part of the key has been to simply allow the funk, to embrace the bad days. I try not to define them as bad or good. They simply are and I’m allowing what is, discovering gratitude in the experience. The funk always shifts, and the more I accept and show love to myself on these days the quicker and easier I swing back to feeling great. It’s ok to have days where we don’t feel our best. This is always an opportunity for greater self-care and kindness. If we all start with compassion for ourselves it creates a ripple effect to others.
Gratitude for life, the good and the bad, has been life changing. It sounds simple, but during difficult times it’s actually quite challenging. These are the opportunities for break throughs. To find gratitude in despair is what has helped me heal my pain.

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I think we can all agree it can be easy to fall into a routine- before you know it 4 years have passed and not much has changed. Do you have any advice for our readers on how they could live a more intentional and fulfilling life?

Yes it surely is. Life gets comfortable. I also find that pushing yourself just outside your comfort zone brings enormous gifts and can help you see things more clearly.
Living intentionally also requires some self-reflective time. I’ve found spending quiet time in nature has helped me to refine my intentions. I do this on a daily basis with sunset beach walks or meditation at home.
If you’re feeling stagnant, take a trip, anywhere. It always clears my mind and gives me a new perspective. Sometimes we just need to observe from the outside to motivate ourselves to make a change.

What’s your favorite thing about what you do?

I feel it’s our inherent nature to create and I absolutely love that I get to do that every single day. Whether it’s my blog, writing, photography, a new recipe, an outfit, a drawing, my music, or my life...I’m always in a creative mindset. I also love to co-create with like-minded people and bring something magical to life.
This wedding shoot began as an idea that was sparked by a light I saw in a shop window. From there I was able to bring local creatives on board to help bring that vision to life. What I love is how everyone brought their own unique
qualities, and the end result was even more extraordinary than I could have imagined. It’s always such a team effort and so rewarding.
I love to travel, connect with new people, cultures, places and I’m so thankful for work allows me so much freedom to do this.

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We Heart It is a place where users go every day to get inspired. Who or what inspires you the most?

My family are my biggest inspiration. My daughter is always challenging the socially expected ideas of how we are supposed to live, and inspires me to do the same. She has the biggest heart of anyone I know. My son has the strongest will and inspires me to speak my truth no matter what. He doesn’t worry if people will like him. He is so kind and funny and brutally honest. My husband continues to inspire me to reach outside my comfort zone to experience all the extraordinary moments life has to offer.
Second to that, nature is full of inspiration. Everything around me feels magical. This is the lens I look upon our world with. I see beauty everywhere in light reflections, sunsets, majestic mountains, changing tides, they all inspire me to create and capture the magic.

If you could go back and tell the younger you ONE piece of advice. What would it be?

Stop worrying what other people think. Embrace how unique you are. Embrace your eccentricities. They are treasured gifts. Don’t ever compare yourself to anyone else. Joy lives in the space where you are free to create and live your will and desires.

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