Name: Blair Anderson


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Curly black hair, brown eyes, short, skinny


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She is sister of Blaine and Cooper Anderson. Blair is the year younger than Blaine. She always support him and on his side.


Blair appeared in season 3. She lived in London and studied in a boarding school for girls. Their mom missed her and Blair came home.


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Blair likes to read books. In London, at the girls ' school, she was in the choir, so the singing is in her blood, just like her brothers. She loves different genres of music and watching TV shows.


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They are BFF. Rachel for her like sister. They sing together and shopping.

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Blair and Finn were friends when he was alive. She was in shock when he die.

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Q is her second BF. It was time when Blair was cheerleader and they training together. Blair count on her and Q count on B.

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Despite the fact that Blaine no longer kept in touch with him, Blair occasionally met with him for a Cup of coffee. If Sebastian was partial to the female sex, she would definitely be interested in him in a romantic sense. She would also like her brother to dating with him.

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They gossip with each other and shopping. Kitty like and Quinn behave and look like bitch, but in fact good person.


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Tina & Marley


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She had boyfriend in London - Nolan. They met in the club. When she leave London they often arguing on the phone. He came to her and they spend all day and night together the last time, when he was leaving they broke up in the airport. She was wearing his black hoodie that he was wearing when they first met. Nolan said that B can safe it to herself cause it's a gift. BTW it's her favorite clothe in her wardrobe

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She met him through Sebastian. After Blair and Hunter met, they spend a lot of time together. When he appeared in TV in news where were talking about that Hunter is cheated, she was upset. Yes, he is a bad guy, but he shows her other side of himself: caring, loving, gentle and overprotective.

When he was took by police, she often came to him.

5 years later they married.

List of Songs Which Blair is sing: (I created my own list with songs which weren't in show, but suit my character)

1. Tell Me You Love Me - Demi Lovato

2. Ruin The Friendship - Demi Lovato

3. Never Be The Same - Camila Cabello

4. She Loves Control - Camila CabelloI

5. Real Friends - Camila Cabello

6. Back To You - Selena Gomez

7. God Is A Woman - Ariana Grande

8. 7 rings - Ariana Grande

9. Thank U, Next - Ariana Grande

10. Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I'm Bored - Ariana Grande

11. Mad About You - Hooverphonic

12. Rival - Ruelle

13. Handmade Heaven - MARINA

14. Superstar - MARINA

15. Nomad - Fleurie

16. Hymn 21 - Colouring (with new directions)

17. I Get To Love You - Ruelle

18. Battlefield - Svrcina (with new directions)

19. Hurts Like Hell - Fleurie

20. Senorita - Camilla Cabello & Shawn Mendes (with Hunter)

21. So Am I - Ava Max

22. War of Hearts - Ruelle

23. You Should See Me In A Crown - Billie Eilish

24. Dance 'Till We Die - Peyton List

25. Like That - Bea Miller

26. Sweet but Psycho - Ava Max

27. Paris - Sabrina Carpenter

28. Rewrite the Stars - Zendaya & Zac Efron (with Hunter)

29. The Story Never Ends - Lauf (who said that girls can't sing songs which sing boys?)

30. Something Just Like This - Romy Wave

31. Head Above Water - Avril Lavigne

32. Mermaid - Scott

33. Homesick - Dua Lipa

34. Bad Together - Dua Lipa

35. Please Don't Say You Love Me - Gabrielle Aplin

36. Sober - Demi Lovato

37. My Stupid Heart - TINI

38. Carry You - Ruelle & Fleurie (with Blaine)

39. Hurts So Good - Astrid S

40. Too Young - Sabrina Carpenter

41. Believer - Imagine Dragon (with new directions)

42. Burn So Bright - Bella Thorne

43. History - Olivia Holt

44. Roses & Violets - Alexander Jean

45. Million Reasons - Spencer Lloyd (with Hunter)

46. Let Me Love You - Emma Heesters

47. Run & Hide - Sabrina Carpenter

48. Him & I - Halsey & G-Eazy (with Hunter)

49. Way Down We Go - Kaleo (with new directions)

50. First Love - Sabrina Carpenter & Lost King (with new directions)

51. Hold On - Chord Overstreet (with new directions)

52. We Can Be Hero - Alesso (with new directions)

53. Ember - Katherine McNamara

54. Dynasty - Miia (with new directions)

55. Memories - Shawn Mendes

56. Back To Beautiful - Sofia Carson & Alan Walker

57. Why - Sabrina Carpenter (for Hunter)

58. It's Okay - Frida Sundemo

59. I Need A Gangsta - Kehlani

60. Bad At Love - Halsey

61. Just A Little Bit of Your Heart - Ariana Grande (with new directions)

62. I Have Questions - Camila Cabello

63. Love Me Or Leave Me - Little Mix (with Marley, Kitty and Tina)

64. Most Girs - Hailee Steinfeld (with Marley, Kitty and Tina)

65. I Coul Use a Love Song - Maren Morris

66. Hey Brother - Avicii (with Blaine & Cooper)

67. Carry Each Other- LEAGUES (with new directions)

68. Young and Beautuiful - Lana del Rey

69. Stand by You - Marlisa Punzalan (for Blaine)

70. Why Don't I - Sofia Carson

71. Better Days - Ariana Grande & Victoria Monet (with Rachel)

72. Love Is The Name - Sofia Carson

73. Into You - Ariana Grande (for Hunter)

74. Run This Town - Lucy Hale

75. Live Like Legends - Ruelle (with new directions)

76. Storm - Ruelle

77. Me & My Girls - Fifth Harmony (with Kitty, Marley, Tina & Rachel) (Rachel was in town and Blair made sleepover)

78. Boom Clap - Charlie XCX

79. Nobody - Selena Gomez

80. Summer Nights - Cassie Steele

81. You & I - Cassie Steele (for Hunter) (there were presents new directions) (Hunter out from this place and came to see her)

82. That's My Girl - Fifth Harmony (with Marley, Kitty and Tina)

83. Write On Me - Fifth Harmony (with Marley, Kitty and Tina)

84. Chatter - Katherine McNamara (perfomance)

85. Starring Role - Marina and The Diamond

86. Primadonna - Marina and The Diamond

87. I'm Only Human - Christina Perry

88. Life Is Beautiful - Janel Parrish

89. The Sun Is Rising - Britt Nicole

90. Fight Song - Rachel Platten

91. Perfect - Selena Gomez

92. Kill 'Em With Kindness - Selena Gomez

93. Same Old Love - Selena Gomez

94. Castle - Halsey

95. Young God - Halsey (for Hunter) (in presence of new directions)

96. Teen Idle - Marina and The Diamond

97. Royals - Lorde

98. Immortal - Marina and The Diamond

99. Supergirl - Crystal Harris

100. Beautiful People - Cher Lloyd & Carolina Liar (with Rachel)

101. When She Cries - Britt Nicole

102. Safe - Britt Nicole

103. Gold - Victoria Justice

104. The Heart Wants What It Wants - Selena Gomez

105. Human - Cher Lloyd

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