So i'm trying to eat healthier now at days and I honestly cannot wait to go to the store after work today to pick up veggies to roast and steam~ I hope you guys like today's challenge, it's my second favorite color!

DAY 05 》 Blue

black, blue, and selena gomez image selena gomez, spring breakers, and selena image Temporarily removed selena gomez and icon image
glitter, blue, and aesthetic image Image removed lana del rey image beauty, blue, and fashion image
babe, beauty, and blue image blue, fashion, and style image zendaya, hair, and beauty image Animales, animals, and belleza image
Image removed Image removed ariana grande, ariana, and dangerous woman image Image by just a typical sad teenager

I adore this color more and more every time I see it. My top favorite is Royal Blue.

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