Hey, I feel really bad for not posting for so long. That's why I'm posting two articles today.(Maybe even more)

Basic Information

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Name: Takeda Yuri
Birth date: March 9th
Blood Status: muggleborn
Nationality: Japanese
Year: 5th
Sexuality: Bisexual


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Height: 1,61m/5"3
Hair: natuarlly black but she dyes it light brown, long and wavy
Eyes: brown


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yule ball

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artistic, wise, musical, compassionate, overly trusting, desire to escape reality, loyal, Sarcastic, kind, down to earth, imaginative, gentle, selfless, trusting

Hogwarts House

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pear wood with a phoenix feather core, 11" and quite bendy flexibility


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Barn owl

Favorite class

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Flying, harry potter, and hogwarts image


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painting, skateboarding, reading in the library, pretty sunsets, spending time with her friends, magical places, shoes, visiting her family in Tokyo, Museums

best friend

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Lucas Rivers


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Troy O'connor
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Natalie Meier
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Rain Minks


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Emma Parks