Being confident it's not inate. Behind the confidence of the others, there's work. It's not a decision we make overnight, it's a little work on us that we make gradually, step by step.

It's a complicated work, I can believe that, but it's necessary to become fully happy. And I know what i'm talking about.

So, this is my advises -->

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~ Stop comparing yourself to others

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Comparing yourself to others it is not a good idea. We tend to want to be like everyone else. But truth is that, for being happy, absolutely should not comparing yourself to others and start to being yourself. Accept your differences and respect who you are. It's important.

~ Stop comparing yourself to others, physically

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It's true that, in the today's society, feeling yourself beautiful is hard. The models, social medias, most of the films and series, shows us the mythe of the perfect face and the ideal body butn like his name suggest, it's just a mythe. No bodies, no faces are perfect. We are like we are and we have the duty to accepting ourself.

~ Stop saying yes to shits you hate and do more things for you

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Do more things for you and take enough time for discover yourself if you feel lost.
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Learn to say "No". This word is not mean. Sayind "No" its not a bad things. If you don't want helping your neighbour with her grocerie because you don't have the time, it's okay. If you don't want keep your friend's kids because you have a ton of work to do, it's okay. It's nice and cool to say "Yes" but just when you really want to. And it's the same things with mans. No means no.
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This is the Part One to my "How to win self-love?"

Hope you have appreciate this article.

Diana Tomaas.