Name : Mia Sinclair


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light skin, dark brown eyes, dark blonde to light brown hair and always wears red lipstick


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elegant but simple


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Trauma Surgeon


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Happily married to Alex Karev and has 3 kids, a girl named Malina Karev-Sinclair and twin boys named Elio and Matteo Karev-Sinclair


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Owen Hunt

Scrub cap

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A lavender field


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Derek Shepherd,Merdith Grey,Mark Sloan,Amelia Shepherd,Maggie Pierce,Atticus Lincoln,April Kepner,Geroge O`Malley,Owen Hunt,Jo Wilson,Nico KIm,Arizona Robbins,Callie Torres,Jackson Avery,Lexi Grey


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Red lips (Because she always wears red lipstick)