Hi Hearters!

...But in particularly Scottish.

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I'm writing an essay on school abroad, and the country I've chosen is Scotland.

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I really need to know how's school in your country.

If you could help me, I want to know

  • Which are the subjects studied? In particular from the age of 16 at the age of 18;
  • Do you wear uniforms? And, if the answer is yes, how are them?;
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  • Which type of exams do you have during the school year?;
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  • And at the end? Do you have to do an exam for each subject?;
  • Can you choose the subjects to study?;
  • How are your holidays organized?;
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  • The teachers give you homework to do during the holidays?;
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  • When the school starts and ends?;
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  • In your school, do the students have their own classroom, or they have to move between classes? [example: move from English, to geography, to history etc.];
  • How's the relationship between students and teachers?;
  • How long is your school day? Do you have any breaks during it?
  • Do you have to do any extracurricular activities? [for example, if you want to go to University].
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If you can help me, write me a message here


I really hope you could help me, PLEASE!