and if you want honesty,
here it is.

we are all broken characters,
waiting desperately
to be fixed.

we are all searching, longing
and wanting to be loved.

and we are all lonely, once the door
and we are left alone in our minds.

if you want to hear the truth,
listen to your thoughts.

you hold your deepest secrets,
your thoughts inside your mind.

but its beautiful,
the intricacy of you.
of who you are.

there is beauty in your brokeness,
there is beauty in your desperation for love.
there is beauty in your loneliness,
and beauty in your deepest thoughts.

there is beauty in it all, because all of it equals you.

the tears you shed at midnight,
the glistening sun in your eyes,

there is beauty in your screaming,
in your soft whispers and in your songs.

oh there is beauty in you,
don't you see it?

there is beauty in the brokeness,
there is beauty in your soul.

oh darling, don't you forget it.
you are beauty, its entirety - encapsulated completely in you.