1. How often do you watch movies?
Every week.

2. Favorite genre
Drama or Romance.

3. Favorite Movie

kiss and couple image engineering image indie, window, and pale image trust, quotes, and movie image
Good Will Hunting

4. Last Movie you watched and liked

adventure is out there image animal and tiger image fashion, dress, and hair image Temporarily removed

5. Last Movie you saw and disliked

noah centineo, swiped, and icpns image sad, text, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed films, 2018, and noah centineo image

6. Favorite Guilty Pleasure Movie

Temporarily removed Image removed hair, girl, and blonde image quotes, as if, and Clueless image

7. Movie you've watched several times

alien, warning, and grunge image e.t. image et and movie image candy, food, and chocolate image

8. Movie that makes you cry

dog, puppy, and animal image comedy, dog, and drama image dog, love, and couple image dog, puppy, and animal image
Marley and Me

9. Movie from my Childhood

tornado image Image by ㅈ keira knightley image Image by Kaley
The Wizard of Oz

10. Movie that changes my perspective of Life

poetry, book, and quotes image dark academia, aesthetic, and boys image quotes, poetry, and movie image book, movie, and poetry image
The Dead Poets Society

11. A Horror Movie

aesthetic, alternative, and grunge image Temporarily removed forest, balloons, and tree image quotes, freak, and aesthetic image

12. A Musical

sea, ocean, and boat image Temporarily removed blonde, girl, and hair image boots and fashion image
Mamma Mia

12. A Teen Movie

Image removed girly, lovely, and pink image mean girls, burn book, and pink image aesthetic, alternative, and mean girls image
Mean Girls

13. A Comedy Movie

google image macbook, music, and playlist image dylan o'brien image bed, laptop, and apple image
The Internship

14. A Thriller Movie

Image by Selfish Jean Emily Blunt, john krasinski, and movie image
Emily Blunt, films, and horror image
A Quiet Place

15. Favorite Classic Movie

classy, couple, and dress image singin' in the rain image aesthetic, architecture, and british image love, quotes, and aesthetic image
Singin In the Rain

16. Favorite Animated Movie

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed fish, water, and animal image ocean, sea, and animal image
Finding Nemo

17. Favorite Romantic Movie

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed love, couple, and boy image rachel mcadams, domhnall gleeson, and about time image
About Time

18.Favorite Movie Series

winter, vintage, and hair image photography image Inspiring Image on We Heart It Temporarily removed
Hunger Games

19. Movie from the year you were born

tree, christmas, and nature image hate, grinch, and christmas image winter, snow, and house image christmas, grinch, and movie image
How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)

20. Movie everyone should see

funny, maths, and memes image Temporarily removed guitar and music image aesthetic, skate, and grunge image
Back to the Future

With Love, Amanda