My Greatest Pet Peeves

I have a lot of pet peeves but here is the three greatest pet peeves

1. Cutting In Line

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It really annoys me because well, imagine if your in a line for too long and someone cuts into the line in front of you, what would you feel?

2. Close minded people

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They just keep on running off your mouth, walk walk on over there 'cause i'm too fly to care oh yeah, you're words don't mean a thing i'm not listening keep talking all i know is

Sorry I just had to put it in there hahahahaha

3. Background noises when i'm asleep

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When your already starting to dream but then you hear a music or a party being so loud, like hello dude someone is trying to sleep over here

I wrote the second article when I was half-asleep and I don't really know what I am typing anymore
Love you beautiful people