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a Greek Goddess (inspired by other articles)

Name and Title

Image by Venus aesthetic, art, and gods image
Calantha [Lovely Blossom]
art, flowers, and aesthetic image
: Goddess of Joy, Hallucinations and Flowers


Temporarily removed brown, brunette, and flower image
Brown curly hair with flowers, Green eyes, Rosy cheeks


girl, brown, and flowers image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed fruit and pomegranate image
Persephone [Goddess of Spring, Queen of the Underworld]


aesthetic, black, and dogs image eyes, green, and eye image boy image aesthetic and skulls image
Hades [King and Ruler of the Underworld and God of Death]


peach image dog, black, and animal image fashion, necklace, and style image cherry blossom and flower image
Silk, Dobermans, Gold Choker, Blossoms


aesthetic, aphrodite, and mythology image
Joyous, Divine Powers, Immortality, Persuasive and Cause of Hallucinations with Flowers


quotes, words, and alive image quotes, sad, and happy image bunny, dirt, and easter image Image by getitifyoucan
Talkative, crafty, bubbly, kind, adventurous


aesthetic, art, and flowers image


Temporarily removed
Thin, lean, tall, slightly olive toned skin

Goddess Style

Temporarily removed dress, pretty, and silk image Temporarily removed red, dress, and fashion image
Silk/satin long dresses, colors such as black, purple, red, grey, shiny

Modern Style

fashion, style, and outfit image Temporarily removed fashion, necklace, and jewelry image Image removed
Gold necklaces, low cut tops, satin shirts, jeans


architecture, aesthetic, and greek image flowers, architecture, and art image
Travels with her mother to visit her grandmother Demeter; Olympus during the Spring/Summer, and the Underworld during the Fall/Winter


Olympus, dark, and dogs image cerberus and dog image
Cerberus [The Hounds who guard the gates of Tartarus]
aesthetic, hermes, and mythology image greek, god, and hermes image
Hermes [Messenger, God of Shepherds, land travel, mischief, and literature]
dark, black, and death image boat and nature image
Charon [The ferryman of Hades]
Temporarily removed aesthetic, body, and fruit image
Apate [Goddess of gardens, flowers, swamps, and marshes]


medusa and perseus image boy, beach, and Hot image
Perseus [Demi-God, Son of Zeus and Danaë, Founder of Mycenae, Slayer of the Gorgon]