First of all I want to apologize, I've been very distant for y'all.
Today I'm going to talk a bit about self care in general.


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Tea is my favorite drink It is good for your body, different herbs have different healing properties and it is a great substitute of sodas or just bad drinks in general, remember don't drink your calories. In the summer I like to drink green tea with ice in the morning It boosts your metabolism, I also love mint tea with ice after lunch It's good for your digestion and instead of eating a box of mint ice cream I have a healthier option.


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Sleep lowers stress, improves concentration, renovates cells, improves memory. I usually sleep 8 to 9 hours but since It's summer and I don't have classes I try to sleep 9 to 10 hours.


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It's proved that meditation reducer stress and anxiety, improves sleep, helps dealing with addictions, reduces symptoms of panic disorders, increases gray matter concentration in the brain.


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Improves concentration, reduces stress, promotes brain activity. I personally love to paint after I wake up, I make myself a tea, walk around my house for a little, look at my plants, open my windows, light some candles and start painting.


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Tea tree comes from the leaves of Melaleuca Alternifolia It's good to treat acne, It's an antiseptic, soothe skin inflammation. I use the tea tree line from the Body Shop and I really like It I've been using It for about a year and I really see the difference.

That's all for today. Stay tuned for part tow.