Hey, I know i've been gone for quite some time now and I'm really sorry about that. But I was feeling a little down and I just focused on getting better. And I'm okay now so I thought I'd redo this article beceause I think I've changed quite a lot so.. here we go again.

Here's the first article


I'm 15 (it's a wierd age..)

B -best features

Image removed Image by 𝙼𝙴𝙴𝙽𝙰.
my eyes and freckles


red, Devil, and aesthetic image aesthetic, purple, and statue image

D-deepest regret

quotes, pink, and words image
doing something to please others and not myself

E-everyday starts with

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F-favorite show

friends, 90's, and chandler bing image meme, quotes, and 90s image
Friends and Fresh prince of bel air

G-greatest acopmlishment

I don't think I have one..yet


1,57m / 5"2
yep I did not grow a single centimeter..

I-in love with

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Art; Music, People,the ocean

J-Job of your dreams

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I dont really know but it has to be something artisic. Something where I can travel a lot.

K-kids I want

baby, couple, and family image family, kids, and siblings image
I'm not sure if I want kids
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L-last Thing I ate Nothing special just Salad

M-magical Power I want

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I think it'd be really awsome to be able to stop time or travel in time

N-number of siblings

friends, girl, and beach image boy, brother, and girl image
I have two sisters and a brother..

O-one favorite song

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P-person I last texted

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a friend of mine

Q-question I'm always asked

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Where did you get your pants from?

R-reason to smile

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doing stupid stuff with my friends


aesthetic, bisexual, and flag image
I have no idea but I'm pretty sure I'm not straight

T-time to wake up

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6:30 am

U-underwear Color

Calvin Klein, black, and underwear image

V-vacation place

aesthetic, city, and edit image beautiful, building, and city image
I really wanna go to Japan

W-worst habit

Image by taranbystarlight happiness, kills, and lights image
overthinking everything..

X-x rays I've had

butterfly, aesthetic, and black image Image by ༼ مـۦٰ۪ـ֧֯ۦٰ۪ـ֧֯ۦٰ۪ۦٰ۪ـ֧֯حامـۦٰ۪ۦٰ۪ۦٰۦٰ۪يـۦٰ۪ـ֧֯ۦٰ۪ۦٰ۪ۦٰ۪ـ֧֯ۦٰ۪ۦٰ۪ـ֧֯ۦٰ۪ـههہ💕🖇༽
some on my ankles, wrists, arms and hands

Y-your favorite drink

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Club Mate. I love it, it's so good..

Z-zodiac sign

Temporarily removed

So that was my fist article since a looong time. Hope you liked it