♡ ice cream girls
- hopeless romantic
- loves mini skirts & off the shoulder tops
- blushes a lot
- nice handwriting
- good with words
- a bit nerdy
- bubbly & smiley

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♡ mermaid girls
- wears glossy make up
- loves the way sun reflects on the ocean
- comfortable with silence
- pretty hair
- sometimes moody
- needs a lot of time alone

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♡ picnic girls
- loves skincare & books
- always up for an adventure
- optimistic
- makes people laugh
- gorgeous fashion sense
- sweet sense in their hair

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♡ sunflower girls
- loves indie music
- dreams about decorating her future home
- loves going to concerts
- puts succulents in her room
- loves coffee & astrology

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♡ strawberry girls
- likes pastels & video games
- introvert
- loves hugs
- good at studying
- tries to make her friends smile

book, coffee, and cafe image art, pink, and paint image girl, friends, and summer image food, friendship, and style image

♡bumblebee girls
- keeps a bullet journal
- draw a lot
- wants to go to Southern France
- messy hair
- takes a lot of candids of her friends
- likes blowing bubbles

france image 2019, aesthetic, and planner image beach, summer, and friends image painting, art, and dog image

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