hey sisters and welcome back :) I have more opinions I can spill so that 97% of the worlds population can hate me. anyways lets go.

DISCLAIMER = these ones might be more harsh that the first one so cover your eyes if your offended.

1. LOONA is not special

what`s so special about loona you might be asking? well I dont know either. they are talented but what`s the sudden hype about? other than that I bet that they are some really kind girls . next uwu

2 . let idols date.

do I even have to explain? let idols be happy but if they DO cross the line then I think thats maybe a good reason of how the idols could get kicked out of the company.

3 . bts didn't pave the way.

dont get me wrong they will go down in history as probably the most popular gen3 kpop group. but I think that people are forgetting the "ORIGINAL" groups. you know like Big Bang , 2NE1 , Girls Generation and SHINee .

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thats all I could think of for today anyways bye sisters :)