First work out which of the three (equally gorgeous) body types you are:

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1. Ectomorph: Generally tall and skinny with difficulty gaining muscle or fats. Their best features are their long legs and flat stomachs.
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2. Endomorph: Generally hourglass or pear shaped, with the ability to gain fats but not muscle. Their best features are their big breasts and butts.
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3. Mesomorph: Generally triangle or rectangle shaped, with the ability to gain muscle but not fats. Their best features include their toned arms and legs.

You can't change your body type or bone structure but you can change your appearance to what your preferences are with exercise and dieting over a long period of time. These are the main techniques to shape your body the way you want:

- to gain fat and curves; eat more carbs than you burn through exercise
- to build muscle and tone; eat more protein than you burn through exercise
- to lose muscle and bulk; burn more protein than you eat
- to lose fat and flab; burn more carbs than you eat

Diets for your dream body shape:

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healthy carbs / fat gaining foods include; most fruits (especially melons and berries) and grains (especially bread, rice, crackers and beans)
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healthy proteins / muscle gaining foods include; most vegetables (especially broccoli and spinach) and meats (especially chicken breast, eggs and all fish)

exercise for your dream body shape:

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to gain muscle; focused muscle working like using gym equipment and one spot workouts.
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to lose fat; endurance sports like running and swimming

final tips:
1. don't ever aim for a clothing size or weight, aim for an appearance.
2. don't ever starve yourself or overeat for a certain appearance, just change your diet and if you feel the need to change the amount you eat then set meal times and stop snacking.
3. every body type has its pros and cons, curvy, thin or toned their is somebody who will find you attractive for the body you have.
4. exercise and diet healthily and don't push your boundaries, the appearance is just a superficial reward. Your mental health is more important :)