Hello,summer started and its already the weekend, so here you go with these movie suggestions to chill with an ice cream or any snack and watch these absolutley fantastic movies!

1-The lion king(animation\drama\adventure)

lion and disney image disney, simba, and the lion king image

2-The sun is also a star (Drama\teen)

book, heartbreak, and poem image gif, yara shahidi, and charles melton image

3-Death notebook(fantasy\mystery)

black image Temporarily removed

5-toy story 4

Image removed Mature image

6-Annabelle Comes Home(Thriller\mystery)

annabelle and doll image hill house, gifted, and captain marvel image

7-Child's play(Thriller/Slasher)

Child's Play, don mancini, and charles lee ray image Image by Señorita de Billy