hi my lovelies, these are some songs that popped into my head when I thought about the sun signs and a little aesthetic to go with it.

Aries - arabella / arctic monkeys

aries, astrology, and celestial image red, makeup, and aesthetic image tattoo, snake, and red image Temporarily removed
"organic cigarettes that she smokes, wraps her lips round the mexican coke"

Taurus - high by the beach / lana del ray

night, dress, and beach image fashion, aesthetic, and flowers image Image removed Image by freespirit
"loving you is hard, being here is harder"

Gemini - day n night / kid cudi

Temporarily removed 2000s image aesthetic, red, and retro image Temporarily removed
"I look for peace but see I don't attain, what I need for keeps this silly game we play"

Cancer - I fall apart / post malone

grunge, quotes, and sensitive image sad, quotes, and tears image girl, grunge, and aesthetic image vans, shoes, and ex image
"Ice keep pourin' and the drink keep flowin', try to brush it off but it keep on goin'"

Leo - obsessed / mariah carey

accessories, bathing suit, and beach image dekoltee image fashion, dress, and pearls image fashion, style, and outfit image
"you on your job, you hatin' hard, ain't goin' feed you, I'm a let you starve"

Virgo - in my head / ariana grande

Image removed Image removed aesthetic, black, and side effects image orange, Devil, and aesthetic image
"look at you, boy I invented you, gucci tennis shoes, running from your issues"

Libra - woman / harry styles

diamonds, glamour, and pink image aesthetic, pink, and cindy kimberly image makeup, aesthetic, and eyeshadow image aesthetic, beautiful, and glitter image
"this thing upon me, howls like a beast, you flower, you feast"

Scorpio - yellow flicker beat / lorde

art, books, and music image fire, aesthetic, and shoes image aesthetic and grunge image black, dress, and fashion image
"they used to shout my name and now they whisper it"

Sagittarius - redbone / childish gambino

Image removed bedroom, home, and interior image Mature image Image by ɴᴀɪɪ
"They gon' find you, gon' catch you sleepin', now stay woke"

Capricorn - sex money feelings die / lykkie li

art, makeup, and aesthetic image aesthetic, black, and girl image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
"call you in the late night, trade love for one night"

Aquarius - heartLess / madison beer

heartless and ♡ image Temporarily removed aesthetic, flowers, and purple image shoes, fashion, and purple image
"voicemail is full, glass is half empty, I want you bad, I want it that bad"

Pisces - take me to church / hozier

quotes, sick, and hozier image architecture, art, and white image aesthetic, grunge, and alternative image aesthetic, coffee, and cream image
""We were born sick", you heard them say it"

This literally took me 2 hours skskssk. Please remember that I'm not a professional, so sorry if you think the song doesn't fit the sign.