hey, its been a minute and quite frankly i've just been dealing with a lot. I know the last time I wrote an article I was in a better place and all, but shit did i jinks myself..

never again.

anyways, so my sister and i will be studying in Canada this Fall and we, we will have to leave my mother back home in..Jamaica.
doesn't sound scary?! oh, its because my father is an asshole, also he's an abusive fuck who doesn't cares about anyone's feelings but himself.
I know he will do things to my mom and i can't bear the thought of not being there for her. I know when we eventually leave and we talk on the phone, she'll never let on what really is going on.

i've seen her hid everything from her own mother just because she doesn't want her worrying about her.

So, i know she'll do that with me without a doubt.

I've told her countless of times of how scared i am for her than me going away in a foreign country i know nothing about. Its just this fear of leaving the only love that actually stuck with me my entire life and I'm just not ready to let it go. I fear he'll take the only person who loves me unconditionally without a doubt. So, yea i'm scared for her.

pls note.

I don't want to talk too much about about this, since its still a fresh feeling and this is currently happening. Emotionally, this is destroying me so yes, I can't believe i'm even tying this.

thank you for reading, xo Alasia