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You've heard it all before. Hard work pays off, and it will take blood, sweat, and tears to achieve your body goals. All of that is true, but one thing that does not get promoted enough is the defeating feeling of starting your work out the journey and not being able to accomplish a power session due to lack of endurance, stamina, and practice.

That feeling of not being able to complete a workout is discouraging. It can lead you not to want to give up or not take it as seriously.

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Now we all know Homer is our MOOD whenever we go back to working out after a longgg break. Nothing cute about it but it's the reality. Starting over or even just starting is always a momentous action that feels like there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

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The trick is to PREP YOUR MIND before your work out. Go into your session knowing it will not be the best, but that you give it all you have and that will be enough. Setting realistic expectations of your capabilities will drastically help curve that draining feeling of not being at your 100% best.

Before I do any workouts, I read through motivational quotes, look through photos of fitness inspirations, and watch videos of people working out a storm. I always feel super motivated when I read amazing quotes.

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The truth is, consistency is key here. It does not matter how you do it at first. Yes, your form will not be perfect. Your breath control won't be controlled. Your endurance and stamina won't be the best. But your disciplines in fighting through the hardship will sharpen your will. Every day, the muscle in your mind that would usually feel defeated will become the engine that will fuel you.

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But you know when the magic happens? Not years down the line when you've accomplished specific goals. No. The magic is when you finish your first workouts, knowing you set the pace. You already know where you stand, and so that allows you to put your energy into working out consistently instead of perfectly each time.

I rather mess up certain moves and take it slow, than always placing expectations my body is not conditioned to meet just yet.

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The Secret is to always begin each workout, with a forgiving mindset.

What is a forgiving mindset? A forgiving mindset is approaching each challenge with thoughts that are forgiving of your shortcomings.

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Replace "Argh, I suck at this. I'm so not where so and so is."

For "I'm about to give this workout my best. Nothing more and nothing less."

Think "Yeah, I'm not there yet. I will be a hot mess. But I will be a CONSISTENT, hot mess that won't stop. I won't give up on myself."

Turning a negative mindset into a positive one subconsciously shifts your attitude towards working out and eating right. Before you know it, you will want to.

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Remember, as The Great Nipsey Hussle always said

It's not a race; it's a Marathon!