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basic info

real name: yang-mi stein
stage name: yang
birthday: september 24, 1996
zodiac: libra
age: 22
nationality: german - korean
birth place: hamburg, germany
company: big hit entertainment
training period: 2 years

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height: 158 cm
weighy: 53kg
skin color: white
hair color: black
eye color: black

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fierce, confident, funny. despite these characteristics, she's a shy girl.

her group

name: yin yang
members: 2 (she's the yang and there is the other girl who's the yin)
her role: rapper, singer and dancer
concept: badass, girl power (a mix of blackpink and mic drop by bts), "quentin tarantino style"

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yin yang


on stage / mv

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off duty

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award shows

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food: japanese and italian food
colors: black, white, pink
tv shows: csi, american horror story, rupaul's drag race
music: bts, rihanna, beyoncé, cl, paramore
role model(s): rihanna, beyoncé and her mom
likes: dogs, dancing, clothes and shoes, food
dislikes: liars, rude people, be underestimated

accessories, classy, and fancy image accessories, fashion, and gold image

relationships (outside of her band mates)


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jisoo, jimin, hoseok, cl


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min yoongi, her boyfriend

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