A new world is a new opportunity, and I need to be honest. Just one day, change all my life.

Definitely, changes can be positive just if you let it be. In my case, what started as a hell changes for the heven, because everthing started thinking that everthing will be worse than it was, but what I didn't see was that the world will taught me something new. Love.

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I guess I was too young to feel something like that but...Yeah, I can't deny even if I try, that I fell in love. Honestly, is something hard to heard or almost...for me. But yes, I did, but It's not due to the fact that I love someone, is about freedom, what changes after you meet someone and you love him/her like if no one else matters.
You...started to think not just on you, that what you do affect not only one life, both.

Actually, yes, fell in love is something incredible but something very tender, sentisitive and important, by the way if you make a false step... Your relation can destroy yourself. Hurt you and make you feel depressed.

Is something I'm nerveous about.