I am the women
the ones who buried their souls
and found a new home in me

I am the women
for those who are not born
and the ones standing next to me

I am the women
of the neighborhood where empty bottles
surround our feet

I am the women
with millions of feelings and thoughts
but with one voice to hear
I am the women

The women is us.

-Bibi Garcia

feminism, wallpaper, and yellow image


When I wrote this poem I felt the least feminine ever. I remember sitting in my APUSH class moving my right leg as if I was anxious, the truth is I was angry. Angry at the fact that the new generation who is supposed to fix all mistakes from the past are holding her on to them. My group of classmates was in charge of presenting the class the topic of gender gap. Out of all of the groups that went we got the most debatable questions and points about how men are “stronger,” and how nature “chose them” to be superior. It is extremely heartbreaking that after all the things women have done-and are still doing- we are seen as inferior, weak, sensitive, whores, or gold diggers. We are seen as an object men can have fun with, because society paints us that way. After my presentation in class I not only learned more about gender gap, but also about how society is so blinded to see that ALL WOMEN are POWERFUL, STRONG, INDEPENDENT, RULERS, QUEENS, AND ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL CREATIONS GOD HAS EVER MADE. Don’t let what other people say (including some traditional women) bring you down. This is a fight that we’ll never surrender, WE’LL FIGHT WITH OUR HEARTS TILL THE DAY WE DIE.

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