I’ve been thinking a lot about it lately, and it’s not his fault.
I didn’t call.
I didn’t message.
I didn’t tell him how I felt.
I didn’t let him tell me how he felt.
I was scared of everything.
I didn’t wanna come out of my comfort zone.
I didn’t wanna feel anything.
Everybody told me I should just give up and stop worrying about it.
But how could I just let you go?
How could I just forget and move on?
How could I stop looking at you and thinking about what we could’ve been?
All of these stories I wrote.
All of the poems.
All of the drawings.
And even the songs I (still) listen to.
They’re all because and about you.
Turns out I did let you go.
But you’ll forever be the one.
Please, come back to me.
I miss you.