girl, vintage, and black and white image captain america and aesthetic image Temporarily removed train, hogwarts, and vintage image girl, fashion, and hair image war image letters, vintage, and Letter image Temporarily removed
1940's - A time of war, growth, and new beginnings.
boy, Couture, and cozy image art and Swan image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed 20s, girl, and wavy hair image vintage, inspiracion, and retro image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
Roaring 20's - Excess, intrigue, and lust.
Image by ☾𝕲𝖗𝖎𝖒𝖎𝖑𝖉𝖊☽ Greece, aesthetic, and alternative image 17th century, altar, and golden image Image removed book, vintage, and antique image aesthetic and bedroom image gold, aesthetic, and castle image art, painting, and detail image
Renaissance - Cultural revolution, and the time of enlightenment.
Temporarily removed Temporarily removed car, vintage, and california image girl, dress, and vintage image vintage, girl, and pool image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed american diner image
1950's - Nostalgic and home-based.
castle, photography, and architecture image Mature image armor image dark and gothic image green, Vouge, and paolo roversi image crown, Queen, and fantasy image Mature image cauldron image
Medieval - Royalty, strong lord and ladies, and heroes on the battlefields.
night, light, and hand image concert image orange, skate, and boy image Temporarily removed Greece, photography, and summer image friends, night, and city image Temporarily removed biology, doctor, and study image
Present Day - Information, communication, work, advancements, and stress.
comic, batman, and thor image aesthetic, retro, and vintage image vintage and photography image yellow, car, and vintage image retro, vintage, and gas station image flowers, girl, and drew barrymore image red, retro, and theme image Temporarily removed
1980's - Crazy, creative, and fun.
Image by Joanna Temporarily removed fashion, dress, and clothes image fireworks, light, and new year image burlesque, Pin Up, and show image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
Roaring 20's - Wild times, big parties, big secrets.
dinosaur, kids, and child image Temporarily removed spliff image 1969, 70s, and festival image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Abusive image hippies, orange, and welcome image
1970's - Personal exploration, music, drugs, all kinds of things.
vintage and Pin Up image aesthetic, red, and vintage image Image removed 1950's, beach, and dress image cigarette, lips, and smoke image Temporarily removed car, vintage, and girl image red, vintage, and car image
1950's - The time to build up your own family, also when the Cold War was; suspicion abound, traditional.
pony, ulzzang, and korean image alternative, fun, and grunge image indie, room, and hipster image Image by Just Breathe grunge, girl, and balloons image Temporarily removed grunge, girl, and indie image grunge, car, and aesthetic image
1990's - Specifically the grunge era; maybe not for everyone, but a big step forward in a lot of ways, rebellious and fearless.
quotes, love, and peace image bubbles, girl, and vintage image girl, friends, and vintage image dreads, festival, and girl image girl, 60s, and art image flowers, girl, and hippie image girl, photography, and vintage image guitar, flowers, and music image
Late 1960's to early 1970's - They went to Woodstock in '96 and finally felt home, funky and hazy.

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