1. Celebrity you would marry if given the chance

boy and Hot image Joe Jonas, jonas brothers, and singer image
Joe Jonas - one of my childhood crushes


man, men, and smile image adam levine, maroon 5, and sexy image
Adam Levine - i mean i don't even need to explain this

2. Favorite singer

bruno mars image hooligans and bruno mars image
Bruno Mars

3. A celebrity whose hair you would love to have

beautiful, zhavia, and dress image hiphop, singer, and talent image
Zhavia - i think it's cool and different


dove cameron image dove cameron and blonde image
Dove Cameron - always wanted platinum blonde hair

4. favorite band

Image removed beautiful, fashion, and maroon 5 image coldplay image
OneRepublic, Maroon 5 & Coldplay

5. Your favorite actor/actress

beautiful man, Dwayne Johnson, and Hot image world, actor, and Best image
Dwayne Johnson - i don't know if i can actually call him a favorite but i do really like him
Image removed Image removed
I also like Nicolas Cage which seems to be a very unpopular opinion😂

6. Celebrity you would love to be best friends with

selena gomez, puma, and beauty image Temporarily removed
Selena Gomez - she seems really cool and down-to-earth, and we share the same faith which is cool

7. Favorite Disney star

zendaya, beauty, and black image zendaya, beauty, and celebrity image
Zendaya - she's non-problematic, beautiful and successful. gotta love it

8. Celebrity whose concert you would love to go to

amazing, Chris Martin, and coldplay image Temporarily removed
Coldplay - would be really cool to see them play live


ella mai image ella mai image
Ella Mai - i absolutely love Ella Mai so obvioulsy I would love to see her perform

9. The celebrity you would turn gay for

blue, outfit, and beauty image beautiful, beauty, and gorgeous image
Zara Larsson - what can i say, she's gorgeous

10. Favorite boyband

jonas brothers, Joe Jonas, and kevin jonas image black, music, and musician image
Jonas Brothers and Next Town Down

11. A celebrity whose wardrobe you would love to own

cierra ramirez image cierra ramirez and fashion image cierra ramirez image cierra ramirez image
Cierra Ramirez - it's fun, cute and simple

12. A celebrity who you would bring back to life

beautiful, boy, and rip image Image by 0229
Cameron Boyce - gone too soon

13. A celebrity who you would trade lives with

Athens, blonde, and bob image couple, goals, and style image
Julianne Hough - she can dance, act and sing, and she seems to have a good life overall

14. favorite songwriter

black and white, concert, and feelings image Image by Sofi Garcia Gimenez
Ryan Tedder - he's the singer in OneRepublic and has written so many amazing songs for other artists as well

15. A celebrity couple you love

sarah hyland and wells adams image couple, new, and instagram image
Sarah Hyland & Wells Adams - they seem like a super fun, cool couple.


Joe Jonas, sophie turner, and wedding image wedding, nick jonas, and priyanka chopra image jonas, wedding, and kevinjonas image Image removed
love all the Jonas couples

16. A celebrity you would kiss in a movie scene

beauty, boys, and cool image keith powers and sexy image
Keith Powers


noah centineo image noah centineo and boy image
Noah Centineo

17. A celebrity you would love to have a conversation with

justin bieber image Image removed
Justin Bieber - i think it would be interesting to talk to him about life and faith

18. An underrated celebrity you love

actor, boy, and cutie image actor, friendship, and handsome image
Taron Egerton - i don't know if i would necessarily call him underrated but people are not talking about him enough!! amazing actor and singer

19. A celebrity you dislike

kim kardashian, khloe kardashian, and kourtney kardashian image Image by -
The Kardashians - i think i feel more indifferent than anything, and i just don't get the hype

20. A celebrity whose concert you've been to

ed sheeran, show, and tour image ed sheeran image
I've been lucky enough to see a lot of my favorites but the most recent one was Ed Sheeran. the best one though has definitely been Bruno Mars.

Hope you enjoyed!

Kia <3

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