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饾悂 饾悮 饾惉 饾悽 饾悳 饾惉

band name: ATLAS
number of members: 3 (Milo, Sam, and Noah)
how they met each other: Sam and Noah were hanging out at a bar and they saw Milo singing at the karaoke. it wasn't his best performance, but taking into account that he was drunk he did pretty well.
music genre: indie rock, alternative pop, psychedelic rock
fandom name: titans
record label: Hopeless Records
active since: July 21, 2018
debut album: the complexity of silence
most popular song: it鈥檚 not me, it鈥檚 you
known for: opening act for tame impala and flor

饾悞 饾惌 饾悮 饾悹 饾悶 饾悗 饾惍 饾惌 饾悷 饾悽 饾惌 饾惉


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饾悊 饾惈 饾惃 饾惍 饾惄 饾悘 饾悽 饾悳 饾惉

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饾悓 饾悶 饾惁 饾悰 饾悶 饾惈 饾惉

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birth name: Milo Stephen Grantham
stage name: Milo Grantham
birthday: June 3, 1999 (20)
birth place: Leeds, Yorkshire
nationality: English
ethnicity: Italian and Austrian
languages: English
position: Lead vocalist & guitarist


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really charismatic, ironic, romantic, reckless, deep thinker.


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brown, messy hair. green eyes. pale skin. veiny hands with some rings.

interesting facts

路 one day he went to a tattoo parlour with Noah to get his arm tattooed, but when he saw the needle stick into Noah's hand he held back.
路 even though he doesn't seem like it he's really intelligent and loves reading.
路 the band's photographer is his childhood friend Lucas Cranfield.
路 his last relationship ended because his ex cheated on him and now he's afraid to fall in love again.
路 a way to get on his nerves easily is smoking next to him.


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yourlo it may look like im laughing but im actually wailing
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yourlo somebody toucha my spaghet
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yourlo no more love notes. this friday.
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yourlo that's some rupi kaur shit
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yourlo hopefully this new guitar will stick with me more than my ex did.

current playlist

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路 Can I Call You Tonight? - Dayglow
路 Walk Man - Tiny Meat Gang
路 Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd
路 Peach (Lobotomy) - Waterparks
路 All I Want - Kodaline

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birth name: Samuel Dean Foster
stage name: Sam Foster
birthday: October 5, 1999 (19)
birth place: Leeds, Yorkshire
nationality: English
ethnicity: Irish, Finnish and American
languages: English
position: guitarist, bassist and sometimes plays the ukulele too


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spontaneous. chaotic good energy. party animal. the songwriter. adventurous.


boy and froy image eyes, eye, and eyebrows image smile, boy, and dimples image tattoo, sunrise, and sunset image
blond hair. sharp jawline. grey eyes. dimples. small, minimalistic tattoos.

interesting facts
路 he has a twin brother called Nicholas who is studying gastronomy.
路 he has a total of 17 tattoos.
路 he had to stay in jail once for doing graffiti.
路 when he feels sad he either grabs his guitar and sit on the rooftop for hours or chugs a whole bottle of wine on his own.
路 he knows Noah because his big brother and Nicholas attend the same uni.


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samael not ur typical white girl
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samael nothingness
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samael my neck hurts but hey you'll be getting new songs so it's worth it
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samael just one cig @yourlo
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samael 馃尶鈽侊笍

current playlist

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路 I Will Wait - Mumford & Sons
路 Candy Paint - Post Malone
路 Thru These Tears - LANY
路 Take Your Time - Vance Joy
路 Youngblood - 5 Seconds Of Summer

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birth name: Noah Philip Weatherford
stage name: Noah Weatherford
birthday: January 9, 1999 (20)
birth place: Leeds, Yorkshire
nationality: English
ethnicity: Spanish and Scottish
languages: English and some Spanish
position: basically drums and backing vocals but sometimes the keyboard too


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photographer. dynamic. empathic. hopeless romantic. sarcastic. loud.


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curly/messy brown hair. brown eyes. tan and freckled skin with some tattoos.

interesting facts

路 he once asked Sam to write a love letter for his (now ex) girlfriend because he鈥檚 horrible at expressing his feelings.
路 his older brother told him he was adopted when he was 5 and he believed it for four years.
路 if it were for him, the band would be called the young renegades.
路 he has a scar in his knee because he fell from his skate downhill.
路 at first he may seem shy but he's actually super friendly and charismatic.


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noahfence @corona i love your beer sponsor me pls
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noahfence you were amazing last night berlin! thanks for having us馃馃徎 photo: @lucas_cranfield
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noahfence what if we... released this shirt... haha just kidding ... unless...??
Image by gals
noahfence ive come to the conclusion that sams cat doesnt rlly like me :/

current playlist

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路 Troublemaker - Grizfolk
路 Bored to Death - Blink-182
路 Cemetery - COIN
路 Whatever - The Frights
路 Loving Is Easy - Rex Orange County ft. Benny Sings

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