When prepping for a job interview, whether this be for a small part time job or a job in your career field of choice, most people probably don't consider how they want to look until the last minute. It is important to look the part while also staying true to yourself because interviewers pay attention to what you wear just like they pay attention to what you say. You should want to make a great first impression and use your style and hair as a way of expressing yourself.

How your hair looks is typically a huge deal when going in for a job.

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Many interviewers may be hesitant to hire someone based solely on the way that they wear their hair, especially if it is natural, covered, or color treated.

Don't work somewhere where your hair is not accepted in the state that it's in. As long as you look presentable they should not have a problem with it regardless of how you wear it.

Similarly to hair, employers will be paying attention to the makeup that you are wearing.

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If you are applying for a beauty/cosmetology related job I would highly recommend that you show your skills. Your look doesn't have to be too extravagant, just enough to show that you're talented when it comes to doing makeup.
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Otherwise, you may opt to go for a more natural look or, if you're comfortable, to not wear makeup at all.

It's all about how comfortable you are when it comes to makeup and what you want the interviewer to focus on when it comes to your makeup.

The best fashion advice I received pertaining to job interviewing is to dress slightly more sophisticated than the typical work attire for the job.

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If you are interviewing for a minor job, like a part time job in retail, you may want to dress in a nice top with pants or non ripped jeans with either flats or plain sneakers.
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If you are going for a more professional, career based job, you want to go less casual with your look. You could incorporate a nice top with pants or a long skirt with heels or flats..
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You especially want to pay attention to your outfit if you are interviewing for a fashion/beauty based company. Regardless of whether the job is only something temporary for you or a part of your career you want to show the interviewer that you would be able to represent the company well in terms of your style.

I hope these tips were helpful. Thank you for reading!