Okay, who's ready to go BACK TO SCHOOL!!!.....nobody.....yeah that's what I thought. However, when school does start, I want to give you guys some tips to make priso- school the best...decent years of your life.

Preparing for School

  • School supply shopping
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I do not think you need to have the best pencils or backpacks to begin school, but they do make you feel REALLY good. I ALWAYS buy cute pens and paper to take notes, but my handwriting is absolute trash so I never like the ways my notes look. HOWEVER, it encourages me to at least take note no matter how ugly they might be.

Actual School

  • Try new things
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I think everyone in the world says this... whether you want to believe it or not. Seriously step out of your comfort zone. Try new clubs, go to school events, apply for school programs, etc. I'll give you an example(you didn't ask for). I like K-pop, I created a club about it, and I do not regret it. Only 5 people religious come to the meetings, but they are my closest friends. So try something new.


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I cannot stress this enough. Please do not procrastinate. I use to do this all the time, but I changed my bad habit and it worked. I was completing homework up to a week in advance. Call me lame or a nerd, but I don't care. I had more free time. When people were calling and texting at the last moment to get the answers for a worksheet...I was taking a nice hot bath.

.Make new friends/got rid of toxic ones

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Okay, so my school is "special". My school only excepts freshman and so those kids are stuck with me till I graduate. NO transfer students, NO exchange students, NO nothing. I already know all the kids in my grade and I not going to lie. I only like about 5 of them. I know a lot of you guys out there are lucky to have a more diverse set of people so try to meet them. I am going to try to be friends with some older and/or younger students since I don't know them that well, but anyway. I also want to encourage you to remove toxic people. People who use you or clearly is a bad influence. I will really improve your school year if you do.

.Do not stress

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My school and my parents pressure the crap out of me to get good grades and SAT scores, but I need to focus on what I really want to do. Yes, getting good grades is ImPoRtAnT, but relax a bit. I f you realize that too much is going on in your life talk to your teacher(s) let them know that you might need extra time to complete an assignment. One thing I realized is that I try too hard. I make my projects super unique and extravagant when they do not need to be. You should always try your best, but not to the point when you STAY UP ALL NIGHT ADDING FANCY LIGHTS, AND COOL SOUND EFFECTS JUST TO GET A 80% BECAUSE I FAILED TO PUT IT IN MLA FORMAT.

Anyway that's it I hope your school year goes buy well and I hope you like my tips/advice(I don't really know where I was going with this article).