We're building our lives very young
I need your assurance that I will be your queen now and forever
If we do this I need to be sure it won't welt like a rose without water
I can have you as my king but will you make me your queen?
"Maybe" doesn't let things grow, it only halts them because you're not assured.
Are you feeling pressured?
Today is the day where we will be together with little to no help.
You and I are responsible on how things go
Can you hold my hand and lead me to the great unknown?
Or will you back down and have me fight on my own?
Will you love me when things get tough?
Or will you resent me when life gets rough?
Am I worth standing next to during our battle?
I'm assured, but I need to know that you are.
If you had to put a ring on my finger today would you second guess?
Can you look me in the eyes and say "I'll love you forever please, say yes?"
Because starting today it's going to be you, I, and the world.