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Birth Name โ†’ Cleo Harrington
Alias โ†’ Harrington (by almost everyone), Darling (by Billy)
Age โ†’ 19 (season 3)
Sexual Orientation โ†’ Bisexual

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Cleo is Steve's twin sister, those two are inseparable. She grew up in Hawkins and like her brother, she went to Hawkins middle school and high school. However she wasn't as popular as him. She was more like the clever one that's why she is a good friend of Nancy Wheeler.

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Cleo and Steve have a lot in common, a beautiful face, brown hair and they have the exact same scar on the wrist because of something very stupid they did when they were younger. But Cleo has clear brown/green eyes and some freckles

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She's a Feminist, really optimistic and always smiling. People love her because she always manages to make them smile, she's also a HUGE fan of Star Wars it's part of her personality

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Cleo wears a lot of oversized clothes and mom jeans. She doesn't wear bright colors bc she does not like to draw attention on her, she does not go out without her Dr. Martens and always has a scrunchy in her hair or around he wrist

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Cleo reads a lot of books, she likes to study and works at the starcourt mall in a little bookshop. She also loves to spend time with her friends

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Her brother is her best friend, they do almost everything together, she's also a very good friend of Jonathan Byers and Nancy Wheeler. And when she met Robin, she had a huge crush on her but she never told her

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At first, Cleo hated Billy for what he did to her brother and Billy wanted to piss off Steve by seducing his sister. But after spending time together, the two started to like and care for each other a lot. They started dating behind Steve's back because they knew he wouldn't agree with their relationship


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