“We need not feel ashamed of flirting with the zodiac. The zodiac is well worth flirting with.” - D. H. Lawrence

hi loves! today I will be writing another astrology themed article. In this article I'll be my explaining the meaning of the elements in the zodiac chart alongside the compatibly of the same elements within relationships.

I've recently written an another astrology 101 article with an explanation to understanding your birth chart, with the twelve houses and how to create your own chart.

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fire signs ↣ Leo, Aries, Sagittarius

earth signs ↣ Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn

air signs ↣ Libra, Gemini, Aquarius

water signs ↣ Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio

The four elements in the zodiac consist of: fire, earth, air and earth.

How do the elements affect the zodiac signs?

All of the signs are ruled by the elements, each element rules three signs of the zodiac. How the elements influence the signs varies because if solely depends on the unique personality of each sign.

-`ˏf i r e s i g n s ˎ´-

Devil, red, and aesthetic image fire, nails, and aesthetic image
passionate, excitable, exuberant, impulsive, fiery, love to light a fire under others, dynamic, destructive, intuitive and independent.
leo, aries, sagittarius

Those born under this sign are often described as passionate, enthusiastic, fiery etc. This element also rules the first, fifth and ninth houses in the birth chart.

They tend to focus more on the creation of self or personal identity. Consequently, the ability to come off as being too forceful in certain situations is quite common amongst people born under this passionate yet impulsive sign.

Just like fire those born under this element are light and warm. They may have noticed that in the past people have attempted to mange and nurture them, because the signs can affect the personalities of people. Fire signs are often described as being "larger than life" meaning that they are bold and have big personalities.

When their fiery side is unleashed, it's certainly in your best interest to stay away!

-`ˏw a t e r s i g n sˎ´-

flowers, water, and daisy image flowers, rose, and water image
impulsive, dreamy, emotionally sensitive, observant, strong emotions, tend to live in a world of their world, creative, easily distracted and often distracted.
cancer, pisces, scorpio

Just like the ocean people born under the water sign are luid, flowing and wavering especially with their emotions. These individuals are known to experience intense dreams and strong intuitions.

This element also rules the forth, eighth and twelfth houses in the birth chart. People born under this element may suffer temporarily from self indulgence, mood swings and being to authoritive towards others.

The water sign is suited very well to their element because at times they can be as deep as the ocean itself, like a river they run deep with their thoughts and feelings. At times they become overwhelmed with how deeply they feel in everyday life, and situations so they then retreat to their own space to regain sanctuary within themselves.

Be careful when swimming with a water sign because if you drift to far you may get lost in their depths!

-`ˏe a r t h s i g n sˎ´-

quotes image flowers, aesthetic, and nature image
dependable, grounded, practical, materialistic, builders, honest, loyal, independent, patient, persistent, generous and stable.
virgo, taurus, capricorn

Earth signs are often associated with the term "builders of the zodiac"
because they are methodical thinkers they are incredibly skilled at breaking big tasks into little chunks, whilst ensuring that the outcome is simply astonishing.

They are stable and grounded, you can certainly know those born under this element will stick with you through thick and thin. At this elements worst they can be greedy, materialistic, stubborn and too focused on the surface of things. This element also rules the second, sixth and seventh houses in the birth chart.

The Earth signs are portrayed as having their feet planted in the ground. However, they do not accept change willing in fact they are quite wary of drastic changes. So make sure to find the best approach when presenting change to an Earth sign because it's quite a challenge to change their minds.

-`ˏa i r s i g n sˎ´-

girl, aesthetic, and sky image sky, aesthetic, and clouds image
curious, intellectual, open with their emotions, idealistic, tend to have the ability to see things from a different perspective and theoretical.
libra, gemini, aquarius

Air signs are often described as being the "winds of change" they are gifted with the ability to see things from a different perspective, that may have gone unnoticed previously.

This element also rules the third, seventh and eleventh houses in the birth chart. If you are having an issue or in a sticky situation, turn to one of the Air signs who will be support and advise you with you're dilemma by weighing out your options or situation thoroughly.

Those born under this element function around the idea of "action, ideas and motion". They are intellectual, clever, fair and communicative in everyday life.

Although, the Air signs are just like a breath of fresh air in your life they do have the tendency to be hot and cold. So like a gust of wind you may get swept of your feet quicker than a blink of an eye!

Which elements are compatible with one another?

same element relationships

earth signs

When two earth signs come together the aspect of organisation comes in to play, seeing as both of the signs are contain the characteristic of being practical and resourceful. Although, the signs may become to focused on preparing for the future and not living for today.

air signs

The main focus in a relationship between two air signs is communication, seeing as both of the signs enjoy talking they will have plenty to talk about with one another.

fire signs

These two signs together represent energy. In this relationship feelings may develop quick quickly, as both of the signs feel intensely and powerfully. So when they come together you can be sure it's going to be a whirlwind of intensity.

water signs

When two water signs come together in a relationship, they will be able to swim together well and happy once they have a solid understanding of one another on a surface level. However, these two may drift away from their responsibilities and priorities, as they will begin to see their relationship as an escape from reality.

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