Here is a main idea of my birth chart! I was born on February 23rd 2006 in London ~ Let's get started!

Sun: Pisces

blue, beach, and aesthetic image blue, ocean, and words image blue, aesthetic, and water image quotes and theme image
your true identity and individuality 24/7
  • dreamy
  • adaptive
  • intuitive
  • romantic
"i live in a world of fantasy,
so keep your reality away from me please."

Moon: Capricorn

aesthetic, luxury, and black image Image removed moon, dark, and night image dark, aesthetic, and night image
your inner emotional self and decisions
  • responsible
  • ambitious
  • patient
  • reliable
" i am everything you can not control."

Ascendant/Rising: Gemini

cool, aesthetic, and light image lies, life, and black image Image by 🧚‍♀️кαу 🧜‍♀️ green, aesthetic, and neon image
how you first appear to people
  • independent
  • gentle
  • sociable
  • hilarious
" might be a sinner and i might be a saint; you will never know..."

Mercury: Pisces

aesthetic, fire, and grunge image hands, black, and stars image red, aesthetic, and smoke image Temporarily removed
your mind and communication
  • compassionate
  • empathetic
  • musical
  • caring
" waves not only deep enough to cleanse you but drown you."

Venus: Capricorn

nicholas hoult, rp, and black theme image aesthetic, sun, and curtains image aesthetic, brown, and book image Temporarily removed
your love life
  • loyal
  • respectful
  • protective
  • devoted
" Success is the result of hard-work, learning from mistakes and dedication."

Mars: Gemini

70s, 80s, and 90s image Temporarily removed orange, Devil, and aesthetic image orange, aesthetic, and sunset image
your actions and overall energy
  • curious
  • energetic
  • expressive
  • honest
" I could be a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare"

Jupiter: Scorpio

Image removed Image removed Image removed red, aesthetic, and neon image
your luck and progress
  • passionate
  • dedicated
  • charismatic
  • strategist
" Honey, hell hath no fury like me."

Saturn: Leo

angel, girl, and aesthetic image quotes, yellow, and aesthetic image yellow, clouds, and sun image yellow, neon, and good vibes image
your fears and self-discipline
  • determined
  • fearless
  • confident
  • head-strong
" A lion sleeps in the heart of every brave person."

Uranus: Pisces

city, aesthetic, and glitter image girl, glitter, and aesthetic image fashion, aesthetic, and glitter image alternative, amazing, and art image
your way of dealing with change
  • idealistic
  • mutable
  • selfless
  • wise
" Lost at sea, found at shore."

Neptune: Aquarius

lips, makeup, and aesthetic image dolphin, animal, and nature image aesthetic, art, and blue image theme, aesthetic, and blue image
your dreams and how you heal
  • unique
  • authentic
  • generous
  • friendly
" I have these lucid dreams where i can't feel a thing-"

Pluto: Sagittarius

Temporarily removed Image by Аntonella ॐ girl image Temporarily removed
your power and transformation
  • free-spirited
  • wanderlust
  • truthful
  • humourous
" in a field of roses she is a wildflower."



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