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This month I've spent a lot of time exploring new places.
So, here is some kind of 'travel' diary from the past month.
I hope you'll like it!

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  • France
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June 29 > July 7

Right after the last day of school, my family and I traveled to France. We went by car and it was a 13-hour road trip. (Pretty long hehe)

We stayed at a typical French house with an amazing swimming pool near the city 'Bergerac' which is close to Bordeaux (first picture).
I had an amazing time there, even though it was pretty hot outside (37°C).
We explored the little village we stayed in, Bergerac, Bordeaux and many other cities. We also bought a lot of "Baguettes" (Because it's France) and we barbecued.

On Friday, July 5, we headed back to Belgium. But, because of the long driving, we booked a hotel room close to Paris. (This was approximately 6-7 hours driving.)
We arrived at 3 p.m., dropped off our luggage at the hotel and went to the city. My mom, my brother and I had already visited Paris, so we only stayed for one afternoon.

on July 6 it was time to go back home. But, before that, we went to Versailles to explore the magnificent castle. It really was magnificent and you should definitely check it out if you ever get the chance! (Second picture)

After this (quick) visit, we ate at a local French restaurant and drove home. (The fun thing about living in Belgium is that it's only 4 hours away from Paris. Londen, Amsterdam & Berlin are also pretty close.)

  • Antwerp
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July 10

On Wednesday, July 10, my friend and I took the train to Antwerp. This is one of my favorite cities in Belgium. Did you know that the railway station is one of the world's most beautiful? (First picture.)

We did some shopping here, walked to the Schelde (river) and ate at an amazing "instagrammable" place.
We also drank 2 coffees in Antwerp, since we are obsessed with it and since they have so many cool coffee places.

I really enjoyed this (short) trip! Plus, exploring your own country is a really cool thing to do. (It's also cheaper (usually).)


These were the travel related things I did in July. The rest of my time I've spent doing some other activities with friends, decorating/painting my furniture in my bedroom, writing articles on whi,...

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