Hi everybody :) I hoop you had a great day ! I am back with another article. Hoop you'll like it ;)

Today I am going to talk about how to improve your confidence with 5 tips.

1. Clean your room, your house, your wardrobe, etc
We often say that our environment has an effect on our mental health. It is why you should spend some hours during your vacation or a day off to tidy everything.
It will help you see more clearly.

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2. Wear clothes which makes you feel beautiful
It's important you feel good in your body. Your weight, skin color, or anything else doesn’t define if you are beautiful or not. We say the most beautiful woman are the one who smiles and feel confident. That’s why you should only wear clothes that makes you feel like you are the prettiest person on earth because YOU ARE.

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3. Learn more about your skin type and find the perfect product for you
We all have bad days, so does our skin. But maybe it is only due to unsuitable skincare product. It is never too late to change that! Go on internet, there are thousands of site ready to help you discover your skin type and understand your needs. And when it’s done, check what product would be great for you and what people with the same skin type as you think about it.

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4. Eat better
I know everyone say that but it is truly life changing. At first, I didn’t believe it was going to do any good, but I was totally wrong. By eating better and drinking more I felt better in my skin and my acne-prone skin had improved for the better.

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5. Dance to your favorite song
Put your favorite music, the one you know by heart and love to dance on. Every time you feel stress, put that playlist on and sing or dance like no one is watching. It will diminish your stress level in a minute.

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I hope these tips are helpful. If you liked my article and you want me to do more, let me know :)

Have a good day and never forget you are beautiful the way you are !