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today's article ia about "clé 1: MIROH" aka masterpiece and already album of the year fight me


so it is first skz intro where there are not exact lyrics but you have to listen to it. it sounds really extraordinary and intresting

"3racha" means not only "sauce" it means "geniuses and the best producers of this century" and this intro is proof

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Poison, trap, toadstool you can set them up
I’ll survive in the end, whatever it takes...
Run through the maze like a beast
I’m avoiding all the familiar paths
Through inexperienced, it’s a new challenge
Imma Bear Grylls anything that blocks my dream I’m going to eat it up
I run, it’s adventure for my dream
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Victory Song

I’m flying higher, my existence alone is against the rules...
Hurry, I got it, I can go anywhere
I’m only satisfied once I arrive
The atmosphere is hot, my passion is lit on fire
I’ve never learned to be afraid of failure
There’s no height I can’t go over
Just believe in myself
I’ll climb up one by one
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Maze of Memories

can i just put here whole song here

oh my gosh it will be hard and long

My head is burning, question marks filling me up, blaming myself
Now I’m running for an answer I can’t even see
Running on my mind but I’m feeling even more frustrated...
What I see right now is all a lie
I go around but I’m stuck in the same time...
It’s boiling up, the anger I held
I’m lifting myself up from being trapped in anger
I wish that anger would bloom into a flower
Instead of a sea of fire, I want to be in a bed of flowers...
And so, should I give up
But really, can I give up
We live in a time and space, a world full of blinds
It makes me wanna give up
But then again, no I shouldn’t give up
I feel it inside, don’t wanna give up
We live in a time and space, a world full of blinds
Now I’ve had enough
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I can be a gentle lamb but turn into a beast in front of my goals...
Oh I’ll keep fighting
Oh you can’t stop me...
I’m gonna draw my future like Picasso
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yes it's briefly but those quotes are like ones of mine most favorite skz lyrics ever. i mean is it only me who wants tattoo with part about picasso on my forehead?


another song where whole lyrics are amazing

I ran all the way here without rest so why
Is everything around me still so dark?
They say time will solve everything
But those words just give me fear...
Day and night, every day
Fear holds onto me
I’m kicking it away and running
Even if I run out of breath
I’m running endlessly
Why is time running so quickly to me?...
Ooh like a tunnel with no light
Yeah ooh, there’s no end, I'm scared
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I was excited for this moment
I wanna stop time for a moment
I’m not even ready yet
My twenties are waiting for me from far away
Why do the days go by so quickly?
If I count to three right here
What if everything disappears like a dream
And I’m back to the beginning?...
Now the way I talk is more grown up
Still a bit inexperienced, but I’m walking like I’m confident
Like a middle school student acting like a grown up
I’m still immature, not used to anything...
This is enough, it’s natural, keep going
Stop being so uncomfortable, everyone went through this
I always wanted to turn 20
I’m going through the same thing as everyone else but why am I the only one so nervous?
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at this point everyone have to say THANK YOU HAN JISUNG

omg those kids deserve whole world

and it was my fifth article from this seria. if you are intrested in this idea stay tuned for next

lyrics of "mixtape 4" i will add in article about "clé 2: yellow wood"

all translations are not mine


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