Mabel Pines

boca, lips, and mouth image fashion, sweater, and clothes image girl, grunge, and pale image Image removed
Temporarily removed cardigan, fashion, and kawaii image converse, fashion, and shoes image Temporarily removed
her aesthetic:
aesthetic, butterfly, and 90s image aww, cute stuff, and duh image Abusive image stars and rainbow image
glitter, quotes, and text image Image by hecate aesthetic and badass image brothers and quotes image

Dipper Pines

boy, coffee, and vintage image boy, book, and sleep image skin, stars, and freckles image gravity falls image
Inspiring Image on We Heart It Temporarily removed supreme, boy, and aesthetic image gravity falls image
His aesthetic:
book, old, and vintage image Temporarily removed hand and tree image book, library, and vintage image
Temporarily removed personality, quotes, and infj image that 70s show, funny, and quotes image Mature image

The Mistery Twins

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed nature and travel image Abusive image Temporarily removed boy image