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fashion and grunge image asian, fashion, and ulzzang image fashion, girl, and outfit image fashion, outfit, and vans image Inspiring Image on We Heart It be, concert, and dress image
Love simple lines, camo, flannel and denim.

A color

green, lime, and fruit image Image by artaangel 70s, automobiles, and cars image Image by a_plessis green, eye, and eyes image green, theme, and plants image
Yes, green is my favourite colour.

An Animal

cute, rabbit, and bunny image animals, bunny, and furry image black, cat, and rabbit image cute, rabbit, and animal image cute, rabbit, and bunny image Temporarily removed
Bunnies are my buddies.


Image by Nadine food, sushi, and japan image food, fries, and yummy image food image food, delicious, and noodles image fruit, food, and summer image
Asian cuisine, colourful food, fries are comfort food.


Inspiring Image on We Heart It art and pink image Image by blabla aesthetic, black, and black and white image mic, music, and old image blue, pastel, and pastelblue image
Art and music. Can't live without.


book, coffee, and plants image green, plants, and aesthetic image Image removed shoes, autumn, and vintage image alcohol, drink, and flowers image Image by Yvette Aguirre
I want to feel free and relax, have fun with friends and family.


tattoo, grunge, and silence image Temporarily removed brain, funny, and obsessed image Image removed
I have a whole different world inside my head.

Dreams and goals

girl, travel, and bridge image house, autumn, and cozy image travel, beach, and plane image nature, animal, and orca image
I want to see and feel the world. Own a house and travel.


Image removed scent, suskind, and the perfume image quotes, book, and the outsiders image Image removed
Not a big reader but I've had my share of good books.


The Breakfast Club, movie, and 80s image Image removed pocahontas, disney, and princess image Image by Madian Aviles Image removed Abusive image
Movies are my escape.

TV Shows

vikings, lagertha, and family image the vampire diaries, tvd, and Bonnie image drama, girls, and hbo image friends, monica, and tv show image shameless and autumn image Image removed
Binging on these.


billie eilish, Avril Lavigne, and green image
I just leave this one here...theres many many bands and artists more, but these two are on the top of my list.


quote, movie, and love image quotes, life, and exam image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed quotes and classy image motivation image
I love words!